New Episode! The .NET Show: 64-Bit Windows

The .NET Show: 64-Bit Windows

Don't you sometimes wish that system innovation would just slow down for a while? No? Me neither :->

It seems like only yesterday that we were focused on moving from the 16-bit world to the new and improved 32-bit one, and now I'm pleased to announce that the 64-bit world is not only looming on the horizon, but it is already here!

In my current episode of The .NET Show, I talk with Larry Sullivan, Volker Will, and Kevin Frei to learn more about the move to 64-bit, and what it might mean to your development efforts.

Larry Sullivan and Volker Willexplain the benefits of moving to 64-bits.

In the first segment, Larry Sullivan and Volker Will discuss with me not only the value of 64-bit windows, but the issues and needs facing developers who are moving their applications as well. The process is a lot easier than it was in the 16-to-32 days, this time around it will usually be just a recompile that is necessary in order to get your applications fully enabled for the new 64-bit processors.

Don't blink, or you'll miss Kevin Freishowing how quick and easy it is tomove your application to 64-bits!

In our second segment, Kevin Frei illustrates how easy it can be to convert an existing 32-bit application over to 64-bit... it really can be just as easy as a re-compile. There can of course be other little issues that might make it a little more difficult than that, but most of this will be related to how properly you coded up your usage of ints and pointers, and if you are using any third 32-bit DLLs that won't be directly callable from a 64-bit applications (No "thunking" layer this time around!). So check out this episode, and let us know what you think by dropping us a note in the "comments" section of this blog entry.

-Robert Hess