New Episode: The .NET Show: IIS 7.0

Scott Guthrie is a familiar face to "The .NET Show" and so we welcome him back in this episode to share with us details about the upcoming release of IIS 7.0. He's joined by Bill Staples, and together they explain a lot of the great changes that have been added to this product.

We'll also hear about the new website IIS.NET, which will play the same role for IIS as ASP.NET has played for ASP. IIS.NET will be launching soon, so if it's not up yet, check back again soon!

In the MSDN News Update, Erica provides details about:

  • Windows Live Developer Center
  • Microsoft's BioIT Alliance
  • The roadmap for Speech Server 2007
  • Microsoft's acquisition of Lionhead Studios

And in the segment, Erica talks with Tracy Lovejoy, an ethnographer working in the Mobile and Embidded Devices team.