The .NET Show: LIVE! At the PDC

Are YOU going to the PDC?


No doubt you'll be seeing Erica, myself, and our camera crew all over the PDC where we will be filming various special segments for the PDC as well as filming our next episode.

In our PDC episode, we'll be talking with Steven Goulet and some of the members of his team. They are the brains behind the "Windows Vista SDK", which represents the core of the API information and resources that you will use for developing applications for Windows Vista. Steve will share with us some of the insight about how the SDK comes together, how they try to organize and maintain the SDK, as well as some of the additional tools, sample applications, and resources that they've gathered together to make your development tasks as easy as possible.

If you'd like to join us for the filming of this episode, here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, September 14th
Time: 12:30 - 1:30
Place: Lunchroom

Ok, so "Lunchroom" is a tad vague... This year the lunchroom is split in two. Tables on the left, tables on the right, and in the center is where the expo hall, hands on labs, store, etc are located. In the back left corner of this center section we'll have a small stage set up that faces out toward the lunch tables near it (or at least that's the plan!). Sit at those tables during lunch, and you'll be part of our audience. I guess this is what they call "dinner theater?"

This same stage will be used by ".NET Rocks" for recording content for their show as well!

Hope to see you all there!