The .NET Show: Office Live

You know, one of these days this whole blog thing will gel for me and I'll actually keep things up to date. But knowing my luck, by the time that happens blogs will be so passe that I'll still be out-of-date.

The .NET Show: Vista Readiness 

I forgot to post an announcement about the "Vista Readiness" episode that we put up back in October, and now we FINALLY have our next episode available. So if you didn't catch the Vista Readiness episode please check that out. In that episode, I talk with Manmeet Bawa, Doug Wood, and Mark Taylor about the issues invovled with getting applications ready for running on Vista. Now that Vista is out, this is clearly soemthing that developers are needing to be aware of. While Vista has a high degree of backwards compatibility with existing Windows applications, there are some cases where applications might have been doing things that will no longer work on Vista, usually due to the increased security that has been added. And in other cases there are features of Vista that applications should be taking advantage of in order to be better integrated into the overall system.

Ok... that catches me up with the present day. Now on to the current episode.

To begin with, I want to appologize for the delay in getting this episode posted. We filmed it back in November, and in fact we've already filmed two more episodes since then. There was one issue after another which caused it to get delayed, most noteably was the fact that the entire backend infrastructure for streaming media on msdn was switched over, and it took us a while to shoehorn our rather special format into this new framework, as well as just get used to the whole system, then there was some news from Erica... but let's not get ahead of things yet. You'll have to wait until the "next" episode to find out a few more details about that.

The .NET Show: Office Live

If you haven't yet seen it, Office Live is a new online service that is being offered to expand on the overall Office suite of applications. It allows small businesses to create their own web space for use by not only their customers, but their employees and associates as well. Basically it consists of two different parts. A "Public" website, as well as a "Private" Sharepoint site. The public site is just your standard website with various pages that users can browse through for additional information about your company, business, or organization. Office Live provides a pretty impressive web-based set of tools for allowing you to create, modify, and design these pages. The private site, is essentially a Sharepoint Server site that you can use for maintaining documents, lists, and even databases for keeping your employees and associates up-to-date with almost any sort of information that is important to you. You create individual accounts for people to use to access this data, and can even create e-mail addresses which people can use for communication. It is essentially as if you had your own IT department and a Sharepoint Server within your company, but without the hassle of having to manage it.

In this episode I talk with Rajesh Jha, and Tara Brown about Office Live. They explain further details about what Office live is, and how it is utilized. In the second segement, Tara walks us through some of the processes of creating and maintaining an Office Live website.

Our next episode is on "Windows CardSpace". This is an exciting technology that I'm anxious to let you all know more about... as I've said this episode is already filmed, and essentially ready to post (now that we've gotten all of the bugs out around the process of using the new system), but I'm going to hold off for a couple of weeks just to make sure that you all have time to view the current "Office Live" episode.