Templates: The Template Store

No, that is not a new franchise opening near you. So far we talked a lot about what templates are, how we use them and all, but where are they?


Well, they are actually in different locations in your hard drive. Do you think we would make this easier on you?


Templates that are shipped with Access 2007 and are not SharePoint-related live in

<Office Install Folder>\Templates\<LCID>\Access\.


SharePoint-related Templates are installed in < Office Install Folder >\Templates\<LCID>\Access\WSS\


Templates downloaded from Office Online are installed to %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\


If you are wandering what these LCIDs stand for, they stand for Locale IDs and they identify what language/country/area your version of Office comes from. If you are using English and you’re in the US, this is 1033.


More recently, these kind of locale IDs in software products have been gravitating towards the standardized RFC 3066 language codes, such as “en-us”. However, for this release at least, this is not the case for these template locations.