This week in Azure - January 11, 2016

This is our first news roundup so hope you like.

Platform updates


  • Sunitha Muthukrishna posted information about a new Azure Resource Manager template which spins up a WordPress site on Azure App Service and it is backed by a MySQL cluster running on Virtual Machines
  • Steve Danielson announced new policies for API Management: advanced caching and throttling
  • Marley Gray shared some information about Azure Blockchain as a Service updates including new demos and new partners signing up


  • Brad Anderson posted an overview video of Enterprise Mobility Suite


  • Michael Curd announced the availability of Azure Storage Data Movement Library 0.2.0


  • The Azure Automation Team has published four new graphical runbooks and two PowerShell runbooks to the Automation gallery.
  • Azure Search has added a Search Explorer to the Azure Portal, which now let's query your search index and receive results within the Azure Portal.
  • The Data Lake tools for Visual Studio have been updated with: U-SQL local run enhancements, error message screen update, expand * columns

From Community

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Customer Stories

  • Nissan selected Microsoft Azure for their Nissan Telematics System


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