Book on Optimizing Service Manager

Today my first book has been released Smiley

The book is titled Optimizing Service Manager and is written by Kathleen Wilson, John Clark, Karsten Nielsen and my self.

There are several ways to the get the book:

  • Download the book as PDF from Microsoft Download - here

  • Get the Kindle Edition - here

  • Buy the paperback - here

The book is one of the many free eBooks from MSPress, you can pick and choose from other great books here

The Optimizing Service Manager book is written with three different roles in mind: business and technical decision makers; IT architects; and Service Manager administrators. You can either read this book in its entirety from A to Z, or you can follow one of the learning paths below depending on your role:

 Business and technical decision makers:
 Chapter 1 Business reasons to choose Service Manager
 Chapter 2 Deployment costs and non-IT usage

 IT architects
 Chapter 3 How to plan for Service Manager
 Chapter 4 How to prepare for a Service Manager installation

 Service Manager administrators
 Chapter 5 Management packs
 Chapter 6 Optimizing the Service Manager environment
 Chapter 7 Service Manager configuration and customization

I hope you wíll enjoy reading the book and if you have any questions please let me know.