11 great features in Visual Studio 2012

Last week we saw the release of Windows Release Preview and Visual Studio 2012 RC, Here in Sweden I will hold a seminar on what’s new in Visual Studio as part of Microsoft’s Sommarkollo. I will focus on three subjects:

  • What’s new in VS 2012. A lap around Visual Studio to highlight some of the new features
  • Be more effective with Test in VS 2012. We will check out improvements in the test suite.
  • Agile developments with TFS in VS 2012. Walkthrough of the great enhancements in TFS to support agile development.

Sommarkollo will be held in three cities, and I’m scheduled to present at:

If you attend one of the seminars I will give you three hours of great new features of Visual Studio 2012! To prepare myself for this, I have done my very own (highly subjective) list of 11 great new features in Visual Studio. Why 11? You figure it out. Here it goes:

More to follow.


Download Windows 8 Release Preview & Visual Studio 2012 RC and discover for yourself.

Attend Sommarkollo, I would be thrilled to see you there.

For all things Metro & Windows 8 development, see our Metro Map here.


Happy coding!