VS 2012: Debugging HTML/CSS with the DOM Explorer

If you want to write a Windows 8 Metro Style application, you can chose between several programming languages. Of particular interest is the ability to write a native Windows 8 Metro style app in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. This gives HTML developers the unprecedented opportunity to write native apps with their preferred language. The app gets full access to the WinRT framework, has great performance and gives the developer a very productive platform.

I would wager that it’s such a good platform that even experienced C# programmers should consider this alternative when starting developing  a new Metro style app.

One thing that I as an inexperienced HTML/CSS developer found challenging was understanding exactly how a certain element got formatted. Which property in which CSS class was used? Why was my property overridden?

Enter the DOM Explorer, a great visual debugging tool where you in runtime can understand exactly how an why the DOM is represented. You can even change individual properties and see the effect immediately.

See all the details here.

Great, great feature!

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Happy coding!