VS 2012: Search Everywhere

Search has been greatly improved and extended in Visual Studio 2012. First, Quick Find and the assorted dialogs have a new minimized look.


As you see, the Quick Find window takes up minimal screen estate. Also, it searches incrementally and highlights all occurrences in the text as you type. Similarly, Quick Replace looks like this:


As you can see from the Scope item, this can span your entire solutions. The old Find In Files dialog still exists for those who prefer that UI.

Next, up in the caption bar there’s a new edit field called Quick Launch. say you want to turn on the feature to view white spaces with a special symbol. Where is that menu item? (Edit –> Advanced –> View White Space, but that’s beside the point). Instead of spending a LOT of time guessing in which submenu the command is, you simply click in the Quick Launch field and type “White Space”. This is what you get:


Not only can you run the command directly, you also learn where in the menu the command resides and the keyboard shortcut. Awesome!

But wait, there is more. Search (and filter) is now available in a number of tool windows including Solution Explorer, Properties, Team Explorer, Toolbox among others. Here’s an example of how it would look in Solution Explorer:


These new features really increases your productivity. A lot more details on this can be found here.


Great, great feature!


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Happy coding!