VS 2012: Team Foundation Explorer Window

Team Foundation is a great ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Product that just has tons and tons of cool features. In Visual Studio 2012 you can access most of those features via the excellent Team Explorer windows that sits next to Solution Explorer. It really gives you all the access you need to TFS. This includes access to:

  • My Work – where you access your current work items, your suspended and shelved work, code reviews etc.
  • Pending changes – where you work with check-ins etc.
  • Work items – Both yours and the teams.
  • Builds – monitor and start your centralized builds.
  • Web Access – go directly to the excellent web access tool for team collaboration.
  • Settings – Fine tune your settings in TFS here.

The list goes on and on. A very productive interface to Team Foundation Server.

Related tip: Have you checked out http://tfspreview.com? The complete Team Foundation Server as Software-as-a-Service in Windows Azure. How cool is that? Worked with it extensively for a couple of months and it works just incredibly well!


Great, great feature!


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Happy coding!