VS2012: Testing your Metro app in the Simulator

When you are developing your Metro Style app it’s very important to test in all resolutions and orientations. Ideally you would test on all hardware that your app will run on, but that is not feasible. The solution? Run your program in the simulator. Here you can test different resolutions and orientations, you can simulate that you have a touch screen etc.

The best way to take screenshots of your Metro Style app as well.

How to run? Find this item on the toolbar:


Expand the list and choose “Simulator”. Then just start debugging as usual.

As an interesting side note, the simulator runs the app in a remote desktop session on your local computer. Cool!

Related tip: Have you implemented one or several of the Windows 8 contracts and want to debug what happens when you start the app by using one of those contracts? Open up Properties for your Product, select the Debugging flag and set Launch Application to No as below:


Then just start your debugging session. The app won’t start, but when the app is activated you can debug it. Works both with and without the simulator.

Much more details on how to use the simulator to debug is found here.


Great, great feature!


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Happy coding!