Biztalk Management Pack's not discovering Biztalk components.

This article applies basically to all versions of Biztalk ( 2009/2010/2013/2013R2 ) and SCOM (2007R2/2012/2012R2/2016).

Ok, you've tried everything and still no luck on getting Biztalk Components discovered on SCOM, first be sure that you followed the Management Pack guide and set all the requirements as instructed on the document.

Still nothing? You can start by checking Andreas Naranjo blog post and confirm that everything is setup accordingly:

If after this, the management pack is still not able to discover the Biztalk components, confirm that the values you have on the Biztalk Administration Console match what you've on Biztalk Servers under the following registry keys:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\BizTalk Server\3.0\Administration biztalk_registry

Confirm that the values match.


If the values don't match, adjust the values on the registry in order to match, this should have zero impact on Biztalk, but before doing this change, confirm with the Biztalk Administrator that you can apply this change.

Hope this helps!