Introducing the Notifications library for Windows 10!

The Notifications library from the UWP Community Toolkit allows you to generate tile, toast, and badge notifications in an object-oriented fashion, instead of directly dealing with messy XML. The library fully supports adaptive tiles/toasts and interactive toast notifications, and is officially built and maintained by the team at Microsoft who owns notifications. (This library was previously called NotificationsExtensions) .

Quick Sample

Here's a quick code snippet that shows you what the Notifications library gives you...

 TileBindingContentAdaptive bindingContent = new TileBindingContentAdaptive()
    PeekImage = new TilePeekImage()
        Source = "Assets/PeekImage.jpg"

    Children =
        new AdaptiveText()
            Text = "Notifications library",
            HintStyle = AdaptiveTextStyle.Body

        new AdaptiveText()
            Text = "Generate notifications easily!",
            HintWrap = true,
            HintStyle = AdaptiveTextStyle.CaptionSubtle
 <binding template="...">
  <image src="Assets/PeekImage.jpg" placement="peek" />
  <text hint-style="body">Notifications library</text>
  <text hint-style="captionSubtle" hint-wrap="True">Generate notifications easily!</text>

Installing Notifications library

The easiest way to install the Notifications library is through NuGet. The package ID is "Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.Notifications", the Author is Microsoft.

First, open the NuGet Package Manger inside your Visual Studio project.

And then search for either "uwp notifications" or "Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.Notifications" and install it.

Alternatively, you can clone the project from the GitHub page and then reference the projects yourself, if you so wish. But using NuGet is ridiculously easier. If you have any problems using this library through NuGet, please contact us through GitHub.

Getting Started

To learn how to use the Notifications library, please see our Adaptive Tiles Documentation and Adaptive/Interactive Toasts Documentation.