Exploring F# (1)

C# and typescript are starting to feel too familiar and dull, so I went exploring. I fired up my first F# console app, and learned a few things. I'm taking a very lazy almost-but-not-quite-just-in-time approach to learning where I ask newbie stack overflow questions as I go along whenever I can't find the answer with a search engine. Here are the things I'm learning

In F# there are many different collection-looking syntaxes that compile into something. What do they mean?

{a, b, c, d}, [a, b, c, d], (a, b, c, d), [|a, b, c, d|]

Which is really just another way of asking this:

Why doesn't Seq.groupBy work like I think it will with lists? (F#)

What is difference between lists, arrays, and tuples in F#?

How do I filter a list in F#? Question and Answer: Best Functional Way To Filter List in F#

What are the best ways to concatenate lists in F#?
Why do I ask the question? Because I know the answer is going to be 'it depends...'

Does F# have a ternary ?: operator?
(The answer is basically yes... but the syntax is quite different)

If you particularly like/dislike this experimental blog post which is a collection of stack overflow links (looks like link spam doesn't it?) let me know in the comments by all means - your feedback is appreciated.

Was this an easier way of learning than other ways? Well... to be honest all that typing in stackoverflow and this blog takes a lot of extra time. But I love the warm happy feeling that I get when real people on the internet are answering my questions, intelligently, and fast! It is marvelous. Thank you stackoverflow! :)