F# Beta 1 Release

F# beta 1 is now live!

See Don and Brian’s blog post for lots more information.

In particular, on the F# team, we have worked really hard to bring not one but two releases! We are releasing a fully integrated F# experience into Visual Studio 2010 targeting the .NETFX 4.0, as well as an update to the F# CTP for Visual Studio 2008 that targets .NETFX 2.0/3.5.

We have done a lot of work over the last year, and while the beta is just a stepping stone to RTM, we hope you like what you see in the beta. The F# release notes on Don’s page just highlights some of the great work the F# team has done. We hope that F# will help make your functional programming life enjoyable and productive on the .NET platform.

And as always feel free to send questions my way!

Download the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 release here.

Download the F# CTP addon for Visual Studio 2008 here.

Learn more about F# here.