My trip to Dayton, Ohio

Some thoughts after spending a week in Dayton/Cincinnati. I will most likely be back to visit Joyce again, so thanks to rodtrent and ajoyk for some comments! It definitely wasn't as bad as when I first got here and was shocked :) In fact, it was actually quite relaxing and enjoyable.

The good:

  1. People are extremely friendly. While Joyce was at work, I spent time hanging out at Panera Bread (free Wifi) and just doing other random things; every where I met people greeted me with a smiling face and we had 2 - 5 minute conversations about almost anything under the sun. It was pretty neat.
  2. The new development neighborhoods in Dayton are very nice. We went to the Greene (or something like that) and it reminded me of Downtown Bellevue (which is where I live). In Cincinnati, we went to Hyde Park, this area (I forgot the name) where Johnny D's (steak restaurant was), and some other cool posh neighborhoods that almost felt surreal - we especially liked Hyde Park.
  3. We watched the fireworks at the Ohio river in Cincinnati - wow! Those were some of the best fireworks I've ever seen! And the crowd was huge! It was totally cool. The whole RiverFest was really cool.

The not so good:

  1. Almost every restaurant we went to the servers made a mistake. But since the servers were so nice (see "the good") it wasn't that bad. We had everything from the "eager-beaver" waitress who couldn't wait to take plates away, to mistakes made in placing orders, to waiters forgetting to give us the packed left-overs after they packed it.
  2. Hard to find Starbucks - there was only one in downtown Cincinnati? And in Dayton, we could only find two; one across the street from Dayton mall and one in the Fairfield mall.
  3. The speed limit through most of the core areas is 55; but most people drive at least 70. Even big 18 wheelers go 65+. And I had a tiny weak rental car!

The funny:

  1. What in the world is Bob Evans? There are so many around! Now I see that it's some chain restaurant, and we had thought that it was, but seriously, almost everywhere you went, there was a Bob Evans. It was more populous than McDonalds.
  2. There are so few Asian people there that every time I saw one (in Dayton, we saw perhaps 4 or 5 Asian couples) I had to make a comment to Joyce: "look look! An Asian couple!" I think she was embarrassed.

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