Silverlight 2 – Today is the Day!

A gloomy, rainy Monday morning is rarely a pleasure to be savored, but today is a great day! We’ve signed-off on the final release of Silverlight 2 – every control has been added, the last few bug fixes have made it into the release, and it’s finally ready to relinquish the “beta” mantle.

Download links to the end-user runtime will be propped by the end of the day, at which point it will officially be considered live, and I’ll update this post throughout the day with additional information and links.

From a development perspective, there are a number of breaking changes from Silverlight 2 Beta 2, as noted here. (Note, however, that there are no breaking changes from Silverlight 1.0 – we have a philosophy of maintaining 100% compatibility between published releases.)

We’ve been working with a number of the biggest beta early adopter sites to get prepared for the final release – sites like Hard Rock, NBC Olympics, the DNCC and many others are either already working on the final “RTW” build, or are migrating across this evening. If you have a site that is using Silverlight 2 Beta 2, you’ll want to read through the breaking changes document and update your code as quickly as you can to minimize disruption.

imageThe final build number is 31005.0; some of you may already have installed this build without knowing it – we quietly updated the RC build on through the last couple of weeks to the latest builds, and the version we released a week ago was the one that was declared RTW.

The image to the right demonstrates how this should appear in the “Silverlight Configuration” page – if you have a matching version, congratulations! You were running the final build already…

Congratulations to the rest of the team – it’s been a long road, and I’m proud to be associated with this release.