(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Announcing Auto-Shutdown for VMs using Azure Resource Manager

Today’s Tip…

We are excited to announce you can set any ARM-based Virtual Machines to auto-shutdown with a few simple clicks!

This feature was previously only available for VM deployed in DevTest Labs.  However, we learned from quite a few customers that they have their centrally managed DevTest workloads already running in Azure and simply want to set auto-shutdown for those VMs. Since those workloads have already been provisioned and managed centrally, self-service is not really needed. It’s a little bit overkill for them to create a DevTest lab in this case just for the auto-shutdown settings. That’s why we make this popular feature, VM Auto-Shutdown, available to all the ARM-based Azure VMs.

You can quickly configure Auto-Shutdown in three easy steps:

  • Go to your VM blade in Azure portal.
  • Click Auto-shutdown in the resource menu on the left-side.
  • You will see an auto-shutdown settings page expanded, where you can specify the auto-shutdown time and time zone. You can also configure to send notification to your webhook URL 15 minutes before auto-shutdown. This post illustrates how you can set up an Azure logic app to send auto-shutdown notification.