Tip of the Day: Another Windows Server Question of the Day

Today's tip...


With the changes in Windows Server to the new Semi-Annual Channel release, my customer is wondering if anything has changed with regard to patch management? Is there a public document that discusses this topic?



Yes. Windows Server patching is simpler, more predictable and will reduce costs by delivering:

  • Predicable monthly update cadence you can plan for
  • Fewer updates to manage
  • Cumulative updates that have everything you need
  • Proactive notification of updates before they cause downtime
  • Simplified test matrix and streamlined verification process

In Windows Server 2016 you will be able to build a simple maintenance plan:

>> One update. Once a month. That's it! <<


To learn more, click here: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/mu/2017/06/27/patching-with-windows-server-2016/