Tip of the Day: Microsoft Edge: Making the web better through more open source collaboration

Today's tip...

For the past few years, Microsoft has meaningfully increased participation in the open source software (OSS) community, becoming one of the world’s largest supporters of OSS projects. We've announced that we intend to adopt the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop to create better web compatibility for our customers and less fragmentation of the web for all web developers.

As part of this, we intend to become a significant contributor to the Chromium project, in a way that can make not just Microsoft Edge — but other browsers as well — better on both PCs and other devices.

Over the next year or so, we’ll be making a technology change that happens “under the hood” for Microsoft Edge, gradually over time, and developed in the open so those of you who are interested can follow along. The key aspects of this evolution in direction are:

  1. We will move to a Chromium-compatible web platform for Microsoft Edge on the desktop.
  2. Microsoft Edge will now be delivered and updated for all supported versions of Windows and on a more frequent cadence.
  3. We will contribute web platform enhancements to make Chromium-based browsers better on Windows devices.