Tip of the Day: Office Inbox Unread Message Color

  • Today’s tip…

  • A while ago I wrote up a tip for Office instead of Windows 8 or Server 2012. Today’s tip is another like that.

  • One of the things in Office that I had an immediate problem with and that was the default look for unread mail. It used to be that my unread mail was black and caught my eye quickly. The default in the new Office seems to be a shade of blue.

  • This is a problem for my eyes as there just isn’t enough contrast to catch my attention or allow me to quickly scan for the email that I’m looking for. Switching this back to the behavior that I’m used to was kind of buried and took me a while to find. As such, I thought it would make a good tip.

    1. View tab
    2. View Settings on the ribbon
    3. Conditional Formatting button
    4. Unread messages
    5. Font button
    6. Select ‘Black’
    7. Click OK buttons until you are done
  • HURRAY!!

  • Of course now I’m thinking of changing it to RED. That will be really easy for my eye to catch.