Tip of the Day: Win8 Pro. vs. Win8 Ent.

Today’s Tip…

When selecting which edition (SKU) of Windows 8 is best suited to your needs, for technology enthusiasts, it really comes down to two choices….Pro or Enterprise. Enterprise offers more functionality than Pro, but before you sign up for Software Assurance/MSDN/TechNet, look at what the differences are. Windows 8 Pro has everything that Windows 8 Enterprise has except for the following….

  • Windows To Go
  • DirectAccess
  • BranchCache
  • AppLocker
  • VDI enhancements
  • Windows 8 app deployment

For most, there is really only one of those that we might be interested in for our home environments and that is Windows To Go.

The last thing to consider is the ability to install the Windows 8 Media Center Pack. And this cannot be done with Win8 Enterprise.

Choose carefully…