Tip of the Day: Windows Setup Command Line Options

Today’s Tip…

Do you use automation to deploy a new operating system or complete an upgrade? Ever care to know what is occurring behind the scenes?

Or do you like to do things the old school way with setup.exe? Want know to know more options for customizing that experience?

Well, here you go!


Command-Line Options:

setup.exe [/1394debug:<channel> [baudrate:<baudrate>]]


[/Auto {Clean | DataOnly | Upgrade}]


[/CompactOS {Enable | Disable}]

[/Compat {IgnoreWarning | ScanOnly}]


[/debug:<channel> [baudrate:<baudrate>]]

[/DynamicUpdate {enable | disable}]

[/emsport: {COM1 | COM2 | usebiossettings | off} [/emsbaudrate:<baudrate>]]


[/installfrom <path>]


[/m:<folder_name>] [/noreboot] [/tempdrive:<drive_letter>]

[/MigrateDrivers {all | none}]



[/PKey <product key>]



[/Quiet ]

[/ResizeRecoveryPartition {Enable | Disable}]

[/ShowOOBE {full | none}]

[/Telemetry {Enable | Disable}]



[/Uninstall {enable | disable}]




For more information on these options, check out this MSDN article.

Reference: “Windows Setup Command-Line Options” - https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/dn938368(v=vs.85).aspx