New recommendations for TLG stack diagrams

Hey TLG fans,

In keeping up with the new look and feel here at Microsoft, I have been slowly changing the TLG stack diagrams from the old style:


to the new style:


Because inquiring minds want to know, here are the new colors for TLG stack diagrams for the different types of TLG content:


The RGB values correspond to the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) values when you manually specify a custom color. For example, in PowerPoint 2010 or Visio 2010:

  1. Click More Fill Colors when specifying the color of the box.
  2. In the Colors dialog box, click the Custom tab.
  3. Make sure that RGB is selected for Color model.
  4. Specify the RGB values in the corresponding Red, Green, and Blue fields, and then click OK.

Here is an example of the Colors dialog box for the custom color for modular TLGs:


If you are creating TLG content that includes a TLG stack and want to make it look like all the other modern TLG stacks, use the above colors to represent the different types of TLG content in your stack. For the text within each box, center it and use the Segoe UI font in the indicated color (white or black, as needed).

To help you create your own TLG stack diagrams, I have attached a PowerPoint file to this blog post that has the color scheme and an example stack on which you can build.

Many of the TLG stacks for the TechNet Wiki portal pages have been updated and new portal pages will use this new scheme.

TLGs: Get your stack on!


Joe Davies
Principal Writer