New Test Lab Guide: Configure a Highly Available SharePoint Server 2013 Search Topology

Hey TLG and SharePoint search fans,

My esteemed colleague Dan Wesley has just published Configure a Highly Available SharePoint Server 2013 Search Topology, a new Test Lab Guide (TLG) for SharePoint Server 2013.

This TLG steps you through the configuration of a scaled-out SharePoint Server 2013 3-tier farm, which includes multiple application-tier servers for a highly-available search topology. The resulting test lab illustrates the search topology for a small, all-purpose farm that is described in the Enterprise Search Architectures for SharePoint Server 2013 technical diagram (Visio version, PDF version).

Here is the stack for this TLG (click on it for a larger version):


Here is the lab configuration, consisting of 9 computers:


Configuring this type of distributed and highly-available SharePoint search topology is difficult to do on a good day. You can now do this in the lab and show it working before you tackle it in a pilot or production capacity. Hats off to Dan for this great new addition to the SharePoint 2013 TLG suite!

See SharePoint Server 2013 Test Lab for the complete list of TLGs for SharePoint Server 2013 (there are now 21 of them!).

For more information about TLGs, see Test Lab Guides.


Enjoy (with high availability, this time)!


Joe Davies
Principal Writer