TLGs: The gathering storm...

Just a quick note to remind test lab guide (TLG) fans out there that although it has been fairly quiet on the new content front lately, there are projects in the works here at Microsoft to produce new waves of TLG content in the future.

While I cannot give specific details, I can say that the scope of TLGs will widen in 2012 to include new products and new versions of existing products. Some of the new waves of TLG content will be based on your feedback. Thanks for speaking up!

In the mean time, stay tuned to this blog for the latest info on new TLG happenings.

Remember, I strongly encourage you to create and publish your own TLG content, either in the TechNet Wiki (such as Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate Remote Access VPNs) or in your own publishing forum (such as Test Lab Guide (Part 1) - Demonstrate TMG PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and SSTP Remote Access VPN Server). If you want to publish your TLG content in the TechNet wiki, see the How to contribute series of TLG blog posts for information about the types of content you can create and for links to templates and guidance.

To see if someone else is already working on a TLG, see the "Test Lab Guides Under Development" section of the main Test Lab Guides portal page. When you do publish your TLG content, please update this portal page with a link to your new article. I will see your new link and inform the community through this blog. Thanks!




Joe Davies
Principal Writer