Technet Spotlight On Demand Video - Marcelo Schnettler - How to Turn and Upgrade into SOA

The Westcon group is in the process of upgrading its implementation for BizTalk, from 2002 to 2006 R2. This is a strategic move for us that will determine our technology and eBusiness road map for the foreseeable future. We will be implementing 12 new common transactions that will be shared with our partners, vendors and customers via; EDI, Rosettanet, XML and Webservices in an effort to reduce development costs and implementation times. The essential goal of this project is to accommodate more transactions and partners without increasing our operating costs. Once this foundation is in place we will also use it as a springboard to redesigning our ecommerce websites (25 websites across 18 countries and in 8 languages) over the next year and a half. This whitepaper focuses on our experiences during this project; starting with the original business needs that drove us towards these technology choices to specifics on our design and architecture. The intent is to share our “lessons learned”, both technical and business related, as well as those things we wished we had known when we embarked on this effort.