Technet Spotlight On Demand Video - Nicholas King, Steven VanRoekel - Windows Server Codename “Centro”: IT Infrastructure Solution for Mid-Size Businesses

This session gives a demo-based technical overview of "Centro", a new multi-server solution designed to meet the IT infrastructure needs of mid-size businesses. Built on the Windows Server 2008 technologies and including key workloads of Messaging, Security, Management, and developer extensibility, Centro brings key server workloads together into a single solution, with a new, command console interface. Centro is designed to help achieve greater efficiency and peace of mind with time reduction for complete solution deployment measured in hours, simplification of managing your infrastructure, and new models for deployment of your line of business applications. Come see Steven VanRoekel and members of the Centro development team as they orchestrate this revolutionary approach to organizations 300 seats or fewer facilitating greater integration, security, and automation of specific tasks.