Technet Spotlight On Demand Video - Steve Riley - It's 11:00 PM. Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Long gone are the days when you knew your data was safe because it resided only in your data center. The explosive proliferation of laptops, notebooks, handheld computers, smartphones, removable drives, and Internet file storage demands that we rethink how we protect information. Because it's the information the bad guys are after, and because the information flows so freely from device to device, our obligation is to protect the information. People want to work wherever they can find a computer and an Internet connection. How can you do this safely? Steve Riley considers strategies and explore technologies to help you solve a number of thorny problems: how to classify mobile data, how to keep track of where it is, and how to control its movement. We explore the new Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs, technical guidance and deployment tools that help you plan and implement EFS and BitLockerâ„¢ throughout your enterprise, with lower cost and extended centralized management and control. One question we will ponder: maybe it's time to do away with the locked-down desktop?