WCF & WF Sample Application - Layered Architecture - March Release

In the previous blog, I mentioned about the WCF & WF Sample Application - Layered Architecture

There is a new updated version on the Layered Architecture Sample on https://www.codeplex.com/Layersample.

This March release focuses in depth on using the HandleExternalEvent/CallExternalMethod (HEE/CEM) architecture to develop Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) solutions. It also demonstrates the following:

1. How to integrate WF and WCF together in an application.
2. How to implement IPendingWork effectively to ensure consistency between the application and workflow persistence store (what happens when a 2 year workflow process fails on the 5th month?)
3. How to send data and exception back to the client. (HEE/CEM is a disconnected architecture which means server errors are not notified to client).