Impromptu presentation

Hmmm, looks like a post disappeared earlier this month. Sorry!

This week I've worked on the search page for the tool, which went pretty fast, as well as a lot of cleanup (such detection and resolution suggestions if ActiveX controls are not loaded). I got started on the edit functionality (setting all the combos and text boxes, more than 30 of them)... this is going quite well; a lot better than I expected, actually. I think I'm close to 2500 lines of code & HTML. It's quite an interactive little Web 2.0 app.

While in the middle of dealing with Kerberos delegation issues (ick-- props go out to Marc for doing all o fthe work to get it back up and working) and adding edit functionality, Christine K. (the PM leading the submission effort) popped her head in and asked if I could give a presentation this afternoon.

I said sure, and a few hours later I was talking to 15+ managers about the tool (along with Christine and Mike, my manager). I demonstrated the application and fielded a few questions; it went well... with the exception of one hiccup (IE7 didn't work on my filter-as-you-type multiselect box). Steve G., the Group Program Manager (GPM), was even there.

I'm taking off for a bit, since they are moving our offices tomorrow through Sunday. I'll see you next week!

While writing this post, "Don't worry, be happy" by Bobby McFerrin came on the streaming radio. Which reminded me... when I first came aboard Microsoft, we were shipping the SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit (there I am). To alleviate some of the pressure from the hectic schedule, I wrote a little application that would play Don't Worry, be Happy, synchronized with every other machine running the software. So you could walk down our hall, and hear the song playing by every computer. [Of course, it didn't stay running for long. :) ]