Group Chat Install With Visual C++ 2008 SP1

For those of you with Visual C++ 2008 SP1, you might encounter an issue installing Group Chat which turns out to be an issue in which Group Chat is explicitly looking for Visual C++ 2008 during setup.

NOTE: Once we release a Service Pack, you may see people use the notation of SP0 which can be read as Service Pack Zero, it is used to imply the released product version.

The workaround we have provided customers in this situation is as follows:

  1. Install Visual C++ 2008 SP0 runtime for the Group Chat installation to complete successfully
  2. After installing Group Chat, but prior to launching the console, install the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 runtime
  3. Launch the Group Chat console afterwards successfully. Both runtimes will be registered and it is the application that makes that decision
  4. As far as Group Chat, it will choose to look at the latest runtime version
  5. The latest runtime version is backward compatible so the recommendation is to leave both runtimes installed
  6. We have had customers uninstall the SP0 runtime before launching the Group Chat client and there have been no issues with having only the SP1 runtime in place.


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