Guest post: LCS 2005 Admin tools on Vista x64

Today’s post comes courtesy of Nate Smyre from Willis Information Services

The steps I went through to get it to work, I think, were a little more than I probably needed to go through.
The first thing I installed were the remote server admin tools for x64 vista.
I then extracted the lcsadmin.msi package using the /a and /qb switches to get the “network install” files and copied those files over to my local machine into the appropriate directories.
Then I manually registered the DLL files in the C:\program files\common files\microsoft lcs 2005\ directory using the regsvr32.exe found in the %systemroot%\syswow64\ directory.  Some of these files didn’t register.
Then I ran a command prompt with elevated privileges and ran the lcsadmin.msi package.  I did this based on a comment I found on the web somewhere that mentioned something about some scripts in the installer package not picking up the elevated privileges when simply running the installer as administrator.
I’m wondering if some of those steps might be omitted, and still retain functionality.  I might try testing it at some point in the future, but for now, I’m able to administer LCS 2005 SP1 from Vista x64 SP1!

Nate was kind of enough to share this information after I told him that I was not aware of a way to do this given the assumption of the tools used on our server OS. Please comment if you know of an easier way and I will publish the comment.