LCS tool for web server component

So there is not an official name for the product so I will refer to it as "Budapest" the code name and in a generic term the LCS web server component or solution.

A tool that I was shown very early in this beta and that I have NOT played with at all beyond the first demonstration was LogParser, such a powerful tool it has its own book. What prompted me to write about this? Well I saw this post about top 10 tools, and they mentioned the tool with some syntax

This is an IIS 6.0 Resource Kit tool and has been updated to 2.2.

There is also The Unofficial Log Parser Support Site -

I hope that this will become a tool for which I am able to post more about in the future, when our web component or web solution for LCS ships I would love to hear from folks using the tool with real world issues to which they found a solution. This way we can help others as well.

Toml LCS Kid.