OCS 2007 R2 – Archiving and Monitoring

Looking through the documentation I thought that I might just install these services on the CWA role given I would need that role for Dial-In Conferencing but in order to install the Monitoring Server Report Pack, you have to install on a server with SQL 2005 SP2 Reporting Services, guess which server I have this installed on? Yes the SQL server and of course you can’t install this report pack unless you have installed the service. So I am now deactivating the Archiving and Monitoring servers, removing the install and install on the SQL server. This will give me some flexibility to not run CWA depending on my testing.

As this was a new server I had to remember to add IIS and MSMQ.

When you deploy the Monitoring Server Reports you will get errors if you have only installed the SQL Reporting Services, you have to run the Reporting Services Configuration Manager to actually get the services configured. By accepting the defaults I ended up with a url that used ReportServer$Monitoring, the setup screen for OCS gives simply  /reportserver as an example. Do not forget to request and assign a certificate to the web site as well.

Ok so I have this installed, I should be able to complete my Front End server installation now…