OT: The glorious empty inbox

Like many I receive a good amount of email, as well due to Xobni, I found I also send a lot of email which made me realize I am probably the cause of most of my email volume. Anyway I really try hard to manage my inbox so that I never have more mail than fits on a screen, typically between 20-50 messages. Today I reached a moment, trust me I know its a moment (2 messages came in while typing this sentence) of no unread email and 1 message in the Inbox. I will admit that I did mark 2 folders as unread but I could easily simply stop subscribing to the distribution group so I don’t feel bad about that. 

Also I will readily admit that the empty inbox is like a white washed tomb, the ugliness is that I still have a bunch of work and action items to follow up on, and thus I have only mastered 1 minor part of the overall organization effort. I have been using OneNote for about 2 years now for project work and this year I started by including my fiscal year 2010 commitments in there to formulate my reporting and assessment around. I hope this keeps me on task and successful.

So I will take this small victory right before the Labor Day weekend (and pray there isn’t an email backlog just waiting to release its fury on me)!