R2 Stress Tool error with wma file

One of our partners had the following problem which they were able to resolve, it warrants being posted as I have not tested the tools and recieved the errors.

Partner Question: Hi. I have setup a Front End server to handle 5000 users, two load generating clients for this server. They seem to be generating some traffic on the network and there is processor and memory usage on the Front End.
However, the Capacity planning tool generates an error for the Mediation Server. I have followed the steps to install the tool and also the pre-requisite list. The specific error is:
" Error!! BasicVoIPConfiguration: Please check if the audio file provided in the xml file is a valid wma file !- Exception: PrepareSource failed. Verify if the file is valid"
I have verified that my OCSStress directory does contain the audio.wma file. It seems like there may be a bug with the tool. Can someone help?

My Response:Where did you install the tool (full path)?
Did you copy or move the files after install? If yes provide new full path.
If you modify the xml file to provide the exact path to the wma, does this resolve the issue?

Partner Response and Solution: We were able to get the Client Machine for the mediation server - ie. PSTN gateway to work by placing the audio.wma file in the same folder with the RunClient.bat file. Perhaps there was an error in looking for the file in the OCSStress directory in the tool.

Another post proving that those of you who follow the post and ask questions help highlight some of the more interesting issues.

Toml LCSKid