Summary of Lync Voice with Jabra device portfolio

Our team was put in contact with Jabra and offered an opportunity to test the form factors they provide customers for proof of concepts when deploying Lync.

High level findings
Monoaural devices - I prefer for when I want to hear additional sounds.

Binaural devices - I prefer when I want to enjoy listening to music or need to reduce external sounds.
While not perfect, you can slide this askew on one side of your head and make a poor man's monaural device.

Jabra UC Voice 550 MS Monoaural
Having the luxury of choice, this model would be treated as an extra or loaner.
Foam ear pieces and boom.
Nice clear audio
Having used a device with straight boom, the curved foam form factor is in my peripheal so it becomes a bit of a distraction.

Jabra BIZ 2400 Duo
Nice neoprene zippered carrying case, I'll use this if my preferred form factor doesn't have as nice an option.
Leather like ear pieces which rotate making it comfortable on the head. A small disc to control on/off hook and mute is a nice touch allowing you to not be forced to watch the Lync UI.
There is a clip but I never use them.

Jabra UC Voice 750 MS Monoaural
Nice neoprene zippered carry case
Leather like ear piece
Inline device controls for on/off hook, volume and mute.
It was as I used this device that I realized I like the Monoaural devices, however not with the flex booms.

Jabra Pro 930 / 935
Monoaural form factor with the solid stick boom mic which I personally like.
Mono sound so music suffers a little.
The change between usb corded and wireless is huge, let people feel the freedom of movement and then connect them with a cord again, unless they are a true all day desk worker I think this is huge.

Ultimately you have to review the product specs for the 935 and 930 to see differences such as DECT or 2G4 connectivity and the 930's Conference Call Capacity feature, being a home user I don't have 4 colleagues to test this.

Jabra Motion UC with Travel & Charge Kit MS\_Headsets/Jabra\_MOTION\_UC\_Series/Jabra\_MOTION\_UC\_\_MS
This was the device I immediately was drawn to in the kit. I would strongly suggest folks investigate this form factor and reviews from others as I thought it held the most potential.
I took the approach of leave the best for last and am still evaluating. The hard travel charge case is awesome. In the past my travel devices had wires and was so cumbersome to include in my bag, the hard case is a huge win. The reason I am still playing with this device is that I have yet to be successful with fitting this to my ear which I feel is because I wear glasses and I haven't spent the proper time to get the right fit.
This is a bit larger than the Jabra Supreme but if I get the fit corrected, it very well will be my go to mobile device.

Jabra Supreme
I am a desk jockey and don't use my phone too much so I would never be the first person to ask about solutions for highly mobile people. That being said this ear bud form factor has become the third device in my personal aresenal for when going into the local office or when I am heading out for personal items (kid's ball practice) but know my peers in a different time zone might need to reach me.
I wear glasses and the small ear clip works just fine for having this device on my ear, unlike the Jabra Motion I mentioned earlier. The size makes this an easy choice for being on the go and comes with a small zipper "box" for packing. I have this paired with both my PC and Phone and have used it for both.
This device might be the catalyst for me changing my default device!

The fantastic generosity from Jabra made me quite the popular guy when I dispensed out to the local Lync team and appreciate the opportunity to see what our customers get to sample so that I can tell them I have personally tried that device and what I thought.