Tracking the devices that work with Lync for Mac 2011

The Lync for Mac 2011 client has RTM’ed and I am seeing tweets that it is now on the Volume License site as well. With this new release supporting voice and meetings in one client, the topic of supported devices has come up. Read this blog post to find the current situation.

Having a MacBook Pro for testing, I personally have experienced the challenge of device support with the Lync for Mac 2011 client so I figured the best way to help others was to leverage the TechNet Wiki. I created a new article – Lync for Mac 2011 Devices that will allow us all to contribute our experiences and feedback. I am able to share my feedback as an end user, but for any IT Manager that is testing please share if you have a preferred vendor, device type or other criteria that may help us prioritize our work and test efforts.

When you visit the TechNet Wiki, you should know a few things

  1. As a TechNet resource it is backed by Microsoft and should be considered authoritative as with the Library and Blogs. Certainly if you find contradictory data please draw that to our attention to fix.
  2. Some teams are using the Wiki more than others, Lync will be starting soon with a content errata effort.
  3. The Wiki is only as good as your contribution so join in.