Recording of "Introducing Visual Studio 2008: IDE & Language Enhancements" Event

Some weeks ago, Peter Himschoot en Nico Jacobs presented "Introducing Visual Studio 2008: IDE & Language Enhancements" at the MSDN Evening. This session was recorded and is now available for replay at MSDN Belux Chopsticks.

Introducing Visual Studio 2008: IDE & Language Enhancements

During this presentation you will get an overview of the language enhancements in Visual Basic 9.0 and Visual C# 3.0, as well as IDE enhancements in this new version of Visual Studio. Topics covered include framework multi-targetting (using Visual Studio 2008 to develop applications running on .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 and/or 3.5), integration of .NET Framework 3.5, LINQ (the Language Integrated Query), anonymous types, the WPF designer, Visual Studio Tools for Office, etc. After this session, you will have a good overview of the new features in Visual Studio 2008 and how developers will benefit from them.

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