Session Videos of XNA Game Studio 2.0 European Tour in Belgium

chopsticks_xna_european_tourLast week Dave Mitchell and Charles Cox from the XNA product team at Microsoft Corp were in Belgium for their XNA Game Studio 2.0 European Tour. We have recorded the sessions, and you can now see them on our MSDN Chopsticks website. MSDN Chopsticks uses Silverlight technology to play the recordings.

You can watch them here:

The Ongoing Democratization of Game Development
Hear Dave Mitchell from the Microsoft XNA product team as he shares Microsoft's plans to democratize game development beyond the initial XNA Game Studio Express offering. As the video game industry is reaching a critical juncture in its growth as a mainstream entertainment form, consumers are becoming an increasingly important partner in the creation of innovative, fun game play experiences which compliment commercially released titles. This keynote will share the next installment of the XNA vision to further democratize game development by the community.

Building a Game in 60 Minutes with XNA Game Studio 2.0
Watch how Charles Cox puts XNA Game Studio 2.0 to the test and build a fully-realized casual game running on an Xbox 360 in just sixty minutes. Whether you are a seasoned games coder or a programmer thinking of moving into game development, this demo-packed session will give you plenty of food for thought and the information to get you started.

Diving in to XNA Game Studio 2.0 and the XNA Framework
XNA Game Studio 2.0 is the highly anticipated new release of a revolutionary game development tool that gives hobbyist, academic and indie game programmers a chance to develop and share their own games on Windows and Xbox 360. This demo-heavy session will take a closer look at what is new in 2.0 including the newly-added networking libraries based on Xbox Live, support for Visual Studio 2005 Standard, Professional and Team System, new multiplayer starter kits, samples and more.

Holistic View at the Future and Student Call To Action
The presentation starts with a holistic view at the future and the impact of changing paradigms in the IT industry. After that, several initiatives and contests for students are announced: Imagine Cup 2008, XNA Game Development contest, XNA-BUG (Belgian User Group)...

Introducing the Benelux Game Initiative (BGIn)
BGIn is an independent nonprofit organization committed to the stimulation and development of a stable and vibrant Benelux games industry with a focus on business, education and community. During this presentation you’ll get an introduction to the organization and their link to the games industry.

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