A Great TMG and UAG Daily Double For You–Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder Talk with TechNet Talk Radio

imageGot a long drive between home and work?

Tired of listening to 80s hits on the radio?

Then how about a change of pace and connect with The Edge Man Tom Shinder and Security guru Yuri Diogenes for a couple hours of TechNet Talk Radio?

imageYuri talks about TMG and how TMG can be used in a number of new scenarios, such as how the TMG firewall can be used to provide superior security for public cloud access and how the TMG firewall’s integrated web anti-malware and URL filtering make help make sure that your clients and on-premises datacenters remain secure in a world of private and public clouds.

You can download an MP3 of Yuri’s TechNet Talk radio broadcast over at:


Also, if you like what you hear, check out Yuri’s blog where he talks about a number of security related topics:


After you listen to Yuri’s blog on the way to work, you can listen to me on the way home! In my TechNet Talk Radio show session, I took a number of questions from the audience, and some of them got really close to the goal of “stump the chump”! I had a great time and we talked about a number of subjects related to DirectAccess and also the weather in Texas and Seattle Smile

You can download the MP3 of my TechNet Talk radio broadcast over at:


Hope you enjoy these TechNet Talk Radio broadcasts. To see a list of upcoming broadcasts where you can call in and ask questions in real time, check out:




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