Goodbye Edge Man–Welcome to the Private Cloud

Hey folks,

You might have noticed that the old Edge Man hasn’t posted for almost a year. The Edge Man blog began as part of my work with UAG DirectAccess. I think we did a lot of great work here and provided some keen value for all of you who were working with UAG DirectAccess and even for those who were using the Windows DirectAccess. For you DirectAccess fans, I can assure you that DirectAccess is alive and well and I think you’ll find some welcome improvements as we move forward to the next version of DirectAccess. If you want to know more about that, then check the TechNet library.

While those were good times, its good to expand one’s horizons and explore new technologies and ways of thinking. I’ve since moved on from the UAG DirectAccess team and now work on the Server and Cloud Information Experience Solutions Group (that’s a mouthful!) Our primary focus is private cloud and you can find the body of our work in the Private Cloud Solutions Hub on TechNet.

My perspective on private cloud is that it provides you an opportunity to start over. I don’t see many people running data centers today who feel that their current datacenter is what they would have built on purpose. There are a number of reasons for this, but due to a confluence of things under their control and not under their control, their datacenters aren’t the well architected, well-designed, smooth running machines that they’d like them to be.

This is where private cloud represents a unique opportunity to start over. The private cloud provides you the chance to start over, to rebuild your datacenter into what you want it to be. And while some say (including myself) that the “cloud” presents a new paradigm for delivering software and services, the fact is that private cloud does all the things our current datacenters do – but does it in a way that enables them to be cheaper (sometimes), faster, more reliable, and better at delivering services to our customers.

So there you have it. The Edge Man has become the Private Cloud Architecture man. Does that mean I’m going to always have my head in the clouds and stick with conceptual stuff? Not likely. I’m doing a lot of work now on the technologies included in the Windows 8 operating system that enable the cloud. I’ll take a lot about those technologies in the future – but if you want an early glimpse of what I’ve been working on, check the TechNet library HERE.

As we move forward, I’ll run fun things like contests, games, and other things that will put some lightening into the cloud! Looking forward to you all joining my on this trek. It’s going to be a wild ride!



Tom Shinder
Principal Knowledge Engineer, SCD iX Solutions Group
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