Great New UAG DirectAccess Test Lab Content Available

image Let’s face it – you can make it an avocation (or worse, a vocation) of reading all the documentation we have on UAG DirectAccess and still not be able to figure out how to actually put together a working DirectAccess solution. A big part of that is that there are a lot of moving parts, and until you get a good feeling for all those parts and how they work together, DirectAccess looks a more more complicated than it really is.

Believe me – if you can configure an Exchange or SharePoint server, DirectAccess will be a veritable no-brainer.

The real key to really understanding something is to actually do it. And that’s where your old buddy the Edge Man comes in to help. I’ve been in the Edge Man’s skunk works for the last few weeks frying up some tasty Test Lab Guides for you. After you run through these babies a few times, you’re going to feel like you have a pretty good handle on UAG DirectAccess and you’ll be chomping at the bit to plan and deploy your live proof of concept.

Did I say proof of concept? I sure did – and I’ll have a proof of concept guide for you by next week as well.

But enough of the sales job, it’s time to produce the goods:

Go ahead and give them a try!

These Test Lab Guides supersede the UAG DirectAccess Step By Step Guide  and contain many bug fixes, exposure to new features, and tips and tricks on how to configure UAG DirectAccess and troubleshoot situations as they come up. The Test Lab Guide for Troubleshooting UAG DirectAccess is also a great way to get your hands wet with DirectAccess, IPv6 and IPsec and I think after you go through the troubleshooting Test Lab Guide you’ll gain new insights into how DirectAccess works and have even more confidence in how to deploy the UAG DirectAccess solution.

Let me know what you think of these new Test Lab Guides and if you have suggestions for more, let me know! I’m always looking for new ideas and if there are problems I can help you solve, then I’m here to help.

Also, remember if you have any DirectAccess questions, make sure to visit the UAG DirectAccess forum over at



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