TechNet Webcast: Talk TechNet with Keith Combs and Matt Hester – Episode 12: Dr. Tom Shinder on DirectAccess (Level 200)

Event Overview

Talk TechNet enables you to get your questions about hot technologies answered in real time. In this session, Dr. Tom Shinder will be here to discuss DirectAccess and what Unified Access Gateway 2010 brings to the DirectAccess table. Tom is a Principal Writer in the Anywhere Access Group and is responsible for UAG DirectAccess content and promoting DirectAccess in the community.

Bring your hard questions about IPv6, IPv6 transition technologies, IPsec, Teredo, 6to4, IP-HTTPS, Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT), CRL checking and more! DirectAccess is wide and deep, so here's you unique opportunity to "stump the chump!"

Presenters: Keith Combs, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation, Matt Hester, Senior IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation, and Dr. Tom Shinder, Principal Technical Writer, Microsoft Corporation

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Anywhere Access Group (AAG)
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