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imageMost of you probably know this, but before I joined Microsoft I spent most of my time with ISA Server and Threat Management Gateway (TMG). A big part of my life was ( My affiliation with started in mid-2000 and continued uninterrupted until I joined Microsoft in December 2009. However, even after joining Microsoft, I’ve continued to post to the web forums on because the community for ISA and TMG and UAG is so active there.

The web forums were my favorite experience at From those forums I got to know many people, and became friends with a lot of them, over the years. brought together people from all over world to have professional and interesting discussions about our favorite firewall: ISA Server (now TMG). I can honestly say that my life would have been a poorer experience if I hadn’t participated and met so many great people because of my involvement with the web forums.

So yesterday was a big day for me – I hit my 50,000th post on the web forums!

It took 10 years to do it, which means I averaged something like 5,000 posts per year. Of course, the number of posts per day was significantly higher in the days of ISA 2000 and ISA 2004 – ISA 2000 was a complete remake of Proxy Server 2.0 and somewhat of a challenge to understand and then when ISA 2004 was released, it represented a major remake of the user interface and required a lot of new learning. It was with the introduction of ISA 2004 that ISA became a true enterprise ready network firewall.

Because something like this only happens once, I decided to do a short movie of the event. If you’d like to watch the momentous occasion, then check out the video below.

Tom Shinder Makes His 50,000th Post on the Web Forums



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