Tim Rains Introduces Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond

Windows Server 2012 is the greatest operating system Microsoft has ever unleashed on your data center. There are so many new features and capabilities that it would take several books to illuminate them all. And with all that goodness comes a number of new and improved security technologies. This is what the book Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond written by me, Yuri Diogenes and Debra Littlejohn Shinder is all about.

Why did we pick the name “From End to Edge and Beyond”? The “End” is the endpoint – the client device that connects to server based applications and services and the servers themselves. The “Edge” is the edge of the network, a firewall or a remote access server. And “Beyond” is about the cloud. Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond addresses all of these issues, security has it applies to the endpoint, network edge and the cloud.

What’s inside? Check this out:

  • Chapter 1 – Planning Platform Security
  • Chapter 2 – Planning Server Role in Windows Server 2012
  • Chapter 3 – Deploying Directory Services and Certificate Services
  • Chapter 4 - Deploying ADFS and ADRMS in Windows Server 2012
  • Chapter 5 – Patch Management with WSUS Role in Windows Server 2012
  • Chapter 6 – Virtualization Security
  • Chapter 7 – Controlling Access to your Environment with Authentication and Authorization
  • Chapter 9 – Secure Client Deployment with Trusted Boot and Bitlocker
  • Chapter 8 – Planning Endpoint Security
  • Chapter 10 – Mitigating Application’s Vulnerabilities
  • Chapter 11 – Mitigating Network Vulnerabilities
  • Chapter 12 – Planning for Anywhere Access Security
  • Chapter 13 – Seamless and Secure Connection with DirectAccess
  • Chapter 14 – Protecting Legacy Remote Clients
  • Chapter 15 – Cloud Security

And there’s an added bonus – Tim Rains from the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Group will be writing a forward for the book! Tim Rains is the Director of Product Management in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group. Tim and his team of product managers support the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC), and the Microsoft Security Engineering Center (MSEC) which includes the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and Security Science. Among other things, Tim’s team manages production of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (www.microsoft.com/sir). Tim has worked in several roles at Microsoft including the Senior Public Relations Manager of Security Response at Microsoft, Senior Product Manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, Program Manager of the Windows Network Diagnostics team, Technical Lead on the Security Incident Response team in the Product Support Services (PSS) Security team and Technical Lead on the PSS Windows Server Networking team.

It’s quite a compliment to have Tim endorse our book. Not only will he write a forward for the book, he has made several key suggestions that enhance the overall value of the book to any security minded administrator who needs that extra leg up to secure his data center. Yuri, Debi and I truly appreciate Tim’s insights and we hope you will benefit from Tim’s input into this book.

We just about done with the writing and expect that the book will be available in December or January. Stay tuned!



Tom Shinder
Principal Knowledge Engineer, SCD iX Solutions Group
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