UAG SP1 DirectAccess Contest 1–Round 2/Quiz 2 and Contest 2 Round 1/Quiz 2

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It’s time for Contest 1-Round 2/Quiz 2 and Contest 2-Round 1/Quiz 2

Send your entries until 11AM Central Standard Time (-0600 UTC) on Monday January 17th.

The scores are really close and at this point, anyone can end up winning this round!

Now for the questions!

Question 1: ISATAP is an IPv6 transition technology that enables computers to tunnel IPv6 packets inside an IPv4 header. Which of the following scenarios are enabled when ISATAP is enabled on your network (select all correct answers):      A.  ISATAP hosts on an IPv4 only network can communicate with hosts on an IPv6 only network      B.  ISATAP hosts on an IPv4 only network can initiate connections to DirectAccess clients      C.  DirectAccess clients can only communicate with ISATAP hosts on the intranet      D.  ISATAP is required for all DirectAccess deployments Question 2:    The number of concurrent Teredo clients per UAG DirectAccess server is determined by the Neighbor cache limit. What is the default number of Teredo clients per server support for UAG DirectAccess?      A.  64      B.  128      C.  256      D.  512 Question 3: IP-HTTPS is a IPv6 transition technology that enables a DirectAccess clients to connect to the UAG DirectAccess server even when the clients are located behind web proxy or port restricted firewalls. Which of the following statements are true regarding IP-HTTPS?      A.  IP-HTTPS has higher protocol overhead than Teredo and 6to4      B.  IP-HTTPS has higher processing overhead than Teredo and 6to4      C.  IP-HTTPS is required when Force Tunneling is enabled      D.  IP-HTTPS requires client certificate authentication to establish the SSL session


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