UAG SP1 DirectAccess Contest Quiz Three-Round One

(If you didn’t participate in Quiz 1 – you can read the rules of the game over at

It’s time for Quiz 3-Round 1!

Send your entries until 9AM Central Standard Time (-0600 UTC) on Monday December 20th.

The scores are really close and at this point, anyone can end up winning Round 1. So make sure to send your answers in this week and next week.

Now for the questions!

Question 1: You must be running IPv6 on your corporate network in order to deploy a UAG DirectAccess server that enables DirectAccess clients to connect to intranet resources from virtually anywhere.      A.  True      B.  False Question 2: You have installed UAG RTM and you want to begin the configuration of the DirectAccess feature. The UAG Management console opens and you are able to see the information on all nodes except for the DirectAccess node in the left pane of the console. When you click on the DirectAccess node in the left pane of the console, you see the following error dialog box:      image      (Cannot Load the DirectAccess view (0). ) What is a possible cause of this problem?      A.  The NetBIOS name of the UAG server contains more than 15 characters      B.  In order to configure DirectAccess, you must first install UAG Update 1      C.  The DirectAccess server is a member of a Windows Server 2003 domain      D.  A firewall behind the UAG server is blocking the SNA (TCP/UDP 108) protocol Question 3: A UAG DirectAccess server must be a domain member. However, the UAG DirectAccess server does not need to be a member of the same forest or domain as the resources that DirectAccess users will connect to. What Active Directory domain functional level is required for the domain that the UAG DirectAccess server belongs to for DirectAccess to work correctly?      A.  Windows Server 2008 R2      B.  Windows Server 2008      C.  Windows Server 2003      D.  None of the above

Now send your answers to me at (make sure to use this link since it contains the subject line I need):

The questions in Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 were pretty tough – so I hope you find these a bit easier. So far everyone is doing great and learning a lot! If you know any UAG DirectAccess admins, let them know about the contest so that they play too. Even though they might not win the first round (winner of the first four quizzes), remember there is a second round. So it’s possible to win by cleaning up in the second round. And they can join in on the fun of taking the quizzes and learning from the answers.

When the contest is over I’d like to put together a LiveMeeting and talk about the contest and if the winner is willing to be interviewed, take the opportunity to interview the winner and get his or her thoughts on UAG DirectAccess.



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